Masuri COVID-19

Hotel Stavros has taken all the prevention and safety measures recommended by the Romanian government so that the stay of our guests is as safe and pleasant as possible!

Our desire is to ensure quality services, at the highest standards of hospitality and maximum safety!

Our staff received clear information on the indications provided by the local health authorities (INSP - National Institute of Public Health, DSV - Sanitary-Veterinary Directorate, DSP - Public Health Directorate).

We treat the current situation with the utmost seriousness and responsibility, so we have implemented the following prevention measures:

We have increased the frequency of cleaning the common areas, the procedure is performed every 3 hours, the surfaces being disinfected after each guest (including halls, elevators, door handles, reception and conference / meeting rooms, bathrooms in the hotel lobby).

We have intensified the sanitation of the guest rooms (entrance doors, doors, furniture, remote controls, telephone, linen, etc.) using professional disinfectants.

We will continue to adjust food services in line with local food safety recommendations.

Use of the lift - the lift will be used by a maximum of 2 people, if they do not form a family.

Existence of mats impregnated with disinfectant at the hotel entrances

Offering masks and gloves to all customers or visitors.

At check-in, limiting transactions as much as possible and opting for online or contactless transactions. The obligation to keep the social distance inside the hotel !!!

Guests' luggage will be disinfected at the hotel entrance, labeled and then sent to the room.

We evaluate the health of the employees on a daily basis and we will take the necessary measures immediately, at the first signs of illness. We provided thermometers for monitoring at the beginning of the work schedule, for our staff at the entrance to the shift, this being noted in a monitoring register. All guests and visitors will be thermodynamically evaluated at the accommodation or at the entrance to the hotel.

All guests are encouraged to use disinfectants at the entrance to the restaurant and in the common areas.

I increased the space between the tables in the restaurant to at least 1.5 meters. Additional measures include training staff to strengthen the rules and practices of good personal hygiene, providing medical masks and gloves for both staff and hotel guests.

We remain vigilant and will work closely with the health and safety authorities of all stakeholders.

Thank you for choosing Hotel STAVROS as a holiday destination and we look forward to seeing you!