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STAVROS GRUP S.R.L. is the beneficiary of the “Development of SC STAVROS GRUP SRL” project, code MySMIS 114881, financed by the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.


STAVROS GRUP S.R.L., as a Beneficiary, carried out the “Development of SC STAVROS GRUP SRL” project, code MySMIS 114881, financed by the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority Axis 2: “Improving competitiveness of small and medium-sized Enterprises”, Investment Priority 2.2: “Supporting the creation and expansion of advanced production capacities and service development”, during the period between June 5th 2018 and May 31st 2019.

The financing contract was concluded with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration as Managing Authority and the South East Regional Development Agency as Intermediate Body.

Through this investment project, STAVROS GRUP S.R.L. has set itself the objective of purchasing (tangible and intangible) fixed assets amounting to approximately EUR 455,000 to provide the 4* hotel built in Năvodari urban hydrothermal resort with the necessary equipment to complete it.

The total value of the project was RON 2,699,275.29, of which the non-reimbursable amount provided from the ERDF was RON 1,378,667.64 and the amount provided from the state budget was RON 243,294.29, the equivalent of 71.35% of the eligible value.

Implementation location: Năvodari urban hydrothermal resort, 4 Lotus Street, Constanța County, South-East Region.
NACE Code: 5510 “Hotels and similar accommodation”.

The objectives of the project were:
Overall objective: Completion of initial investment – building and equipping the 4* hotel in Năvodari by attracting non-reimbursable financing sources to facilitate inauguration and authorize hotel business operation.

Specific objectives/results of the project:

1. Provision of tangible and intangible fixed assets in the amount of approximately EUR 455,000, excluding VAT, for the 4* hotel in Năvodari resort;

2. Employment of 5 workers, of which 1 person in the “disadvantaged” category until the end of the implementation period.

Local impact of the investment:
– developing tourist infrastructure in the area, increasing the quality of hotel services, which entails increasing the income of the population and the standard of living implicitly;
– increasing the company’s contributions to the local budget (taxes and duties);
– creating jobs in highly skilled professions for another 5 people, of which 1 person in the “disadvantaged” category;
– improving the quality of the environment and increasing energy efficiency by using solar energy (solar panels) for domestic hot water heating, covering up to 95% of the hot water demand in the summer;
– promoting the principles of gender equality, non-discrimination, accessibility of people with disabilities, promoting the rights of people in the “disadvantaged” category, making efficient use of resources;
– minimizing waste at source, applying selective collection and increasing recovery and recycling of waste generated by hotel business;
– creating the possibility to follow an example in the business field and to raise the bar for competitors.

Additional information available by calling 0724 386 813 and/or by sending an e-mail at stavrositu.iancu@yahoo.com to Mr. IANCU STAVROSITU (Administrator).

Implementation partner: VOINEA & PARTNERS SRL consultancy company, Tax Number RO 32439714, J40/13728/2013, having its registered office in Bucharest, District 1, Contact person Voinea Mircea, telephone: 0722356445, e-mail director@voineapartners.eu

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Project co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020

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